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Canine Beach™ offers professional Ft Lauderdale Dog Grooming Services. We provide each of our four legged clients with professional, compassionate care and grooming services tailored to each dog’s individual breed specifications as well as any unique needs they may have.

Whether your best friend is in for a quick bath or the full Canine Beach™ groom, they will experience personalized, attentive care from the moment they arrive until it’s time to go home and show off their new look. In addition to basic bath and grooming services, owners can select from a number of Canine Beach™ dog grooming add-on packages.

Not sure what services are best for your BFF? No problem!  Stop by our conveniently located Ft. Lauderdale Dog Grooming Services facility for a free consultation! One of our certified dog groomers will personally meet with both of you to discuss your dog’s specific needs and recommend the best grooming service option. Book an appointment today!

At Canine Beach, we know that keeping your best friend looking and feeling their best is a top priority. That’s why we offer multiple dog grooming packages and stand alone grooming services allowing you to select just the right services to meet your dog’s unique needs. Our well trained and caring grooming team uses only the best quality grooming products by Nootie to naturally cleanse and fortify your dogs coat. Listed below are details of Fort Lauderdale Grooming Services and packages.

In a hurry? We understand and are happy to offer walk-in dog grooming services that are available without an appointment Monday – Thursday.

Basic Grooming Package

The Canine Beach Basic Dog Grooming package is anything but basic and will help keep your pets skin and coat healthy, not to mention helping him or her look and feel great! Regular grooming is vital for the health and comfort of your dog and the team at Canine Beach is proud to offer this important service to our vlaued clients. We recommend grooming every 6-8 weeks, but every breed is different so the length in between grooms may vary.

The Basic Groom Package Includes a full bath using top quality pet shampoos that fortify the scalpe and restore dammaged hair. In addition, ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning, nail clipping and a blow dry that will leave your best friend feeling refreshed and pawsitively clean!

The Basic Groom provides everything except a breed specific hair cut and style. For more infomation please see our Delux Grooming Package.

I want to thank you for your flexibility with with our grooming appointments, you’re the only Ft. Lauderdale Grooming Shop I count on to not only take first class care of our German Shepard Claire and work with our busy schedule. Keep up the great work and thank you again. Dr. Alan Avila, Pompano Beach, FL

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Deluxe Grooming Package

From Afghan Hounds to Yorkshire Terriers, no two breeds and no to cuts are identical. Whether your seeking a show quality cut or something that better suits your dogs individual, the grooming pros at Canine Beach have the experience, training and skill to help you get the perfect look. Our flexibility is what makes us so popular with our clients we take our time and we can adjust any cut to any life style or special need.

From a show cut to pet cut to customized cuts we can cut any style you want!

Thanks Canine Beach!! Your advice on Star’s cut was spot on. I’m thrilled. Christian, Miami, FL

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Ft. Lauderdale Dog Spa Package

Because we all deserve a special treat now and then, Canine Beach offers the Ft. Lauderdale Dog Spa, complete with all of the luxurious and soothing treaments you’d expect for yourself, only modified slightly to appeal to your pooch.

Ft. Lauderdale Dog Spa services are the ultimate treat for your four legged friend where high touch, personalized care and all natural pet grooming products by Nootie, enhance your pets’ physical and emotional well-being. We offer a variety of treatments and activities with a focus on providing healthy benefits for your dog from the paws up. Our spa services include: Blueberry facial, nail polish, damaged hair restoration, dead hair treatment, pad softening treatment and very soon aroma therapy. .

Thanks for taking the extra time with Missy today, she looks fantastic. I think she had a better spa day then me! Bonnie, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Special Needs Grooming Package

Yes, we take great pride in our ability to provide professional grooming servcies and care for dogs with special needs. Not every dog looks at being groomed the same way, a bad grooming experience in the past may have seriously left your dog feeling very stressed or apprehensive about the grooming process.

Behavioral problems such as shyness, aggression, fright, hyper-tension, and others are not un-common but do require a grooming professional who not only understands the need, but has the training and skills required to help your dog overcome the problem.

Grooming can and should be an enjoyable experience for your pet and at Canine Beach, we have highly skilled groomers that work to identify the root cause of your dogs behavior and the experience and training required to help him or her overcome their fears. For more information or to request a grooming services for your special needs dog, please contact us. Please Note: A small extra fee is charged for special needs dogs..

Thank you William and Marlin! I’ve been using the techniques you showed me at the shop last week and have noticed a real difference in Pampa’s response to being brushed. I wouldn’t say she’s loving it just yet, but she clearly is not dreading the experience any longer and seems so much more calm. I will keep you posted and we’ll see you again next month. Maria A. Pompano Beach Florida

I want everyone at Canine Beach to know how thankful we are. We have not had Angus in for professional grooming in over 2 years and he’s looking and feeling better then ever. Karen H. Coral Springs, Florida

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