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When Should I Take My Dog To Get Groomed?

Grooming is an essential part of a dog’s life to maintain its health at its highest, but we know that sometimes it’s complicated to keep an eye out for signs of when your pet needs a good grooming session since we have a busy schedule, so to help you learn the basics, we bring you 5 signs that you should know.

Long Nails

When you hear your dog’s nails ‘clacking’ on hard surfaces, it’s time to trim them. Check its paws, and if you see that the nails protrude over their pads and touch the ground when it stands, then its nails are too long. When this is the case, long nails can cause pain and discomfort to your furry friend while walking, standing or running, and in the long term can even cause deformed feet as well as it can injure the tendons.

Tear Stains

Tearing in dogs is caused when the eye gets irritated, as it happens with humans. When the irritation is constant, it can lead to chronic tearing, causing the brownish-reddish stains to appear. Excessive tearing is actually a common problem, especially with certain breeds, and the causes can go from shallow eye sockets, eyelids that are turned inward, to hair growth around the eye and blocked puncta (tear drainage holes). This under-eye discoloration can promote colonization for skin-irritating bacteria & yeast, as well as it can cause an itchy and painful sensation to your dog.

Matted Fur

Mats and tangles in your dog’s fur can cause it extreme discomfort and pain, as well as if they’re not brushed out, more fur will continue to get trapped, becoming closer to the skin leading to infections from all of the sweat, bacteria, and dead hair & cells clogged. Sometimes this even prevents proper temperature regulation. Also, severe matting can be way too painful for your dog when brushing, and in some of these cases, visiting a veterinarian is the best option.

Full Anal Glands

Anal glands fill mostly when your dog’s stool is soft (i.e. when it has experienced diharroea for several days), and they can become a problem when impacted (unable to express the secretions that are stored within them). When this is the case, you might see your pup “scooting” on the floor, licking their bottom area excessively, have a pungent odor coming out of its anus, or even spot brownish residue left on the place where it was sitting. This is an uncomfortable issue for them, making bowel movements painful, and can potentially cause an abscess (which could require surgery).

Fleas and Ticks

​ If your dog is constantly scratching its body, and you suspect or have even seen for a fact that it has any parasite crawling on its skin such as fleas or ticks, then this is a major sign that your pup needs a grooming session. It would need a personalized bath with special products that attack the parasites, as well as a professional groomer to make sure that the skin and fur are clean & clear.

Have you noticed any of the above signs on your pooch recently? If that’s the case, contact us or come by our place so we can help you and your furry friend get the best grooming services in town!